What's new in Korea Do you know who is the president of South Korea currently?

The most influencial person now in South Korea is the 10th President of Korea Myung-Bak Lee since 2008.

The first president of modern korean history starting in 1948, President Syng-Man Rhee

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Since Korean War on 1950, The Korean Peninsula is divided into two different governments. Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in ruled by communist party and it's leader. It's been called North Korea simply because it is north part of Korea

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Current National Difficult Issues of Korea:

Korean IT
In the 1980s Korea's basic telecommunications infrastructure grew faster than that of virtually any other country in the world. South Korea is one of the foremost running country in Information Technology industry. Source book: The telecommunications Revolution in Korea by James F. Larson.

Traditional Korean music : is originally based on Buddhist and native shamanistic dancing and drum, are extant, as is a melodic, dance music called sinawi. Traditional Korean music can be divided into at least five types: courtly, aristocratic, scholarly, folk and religious.

Korean folk music is varied and complex, but all forms maintain a set of rhythms (called Jangdan) and a loosely defined set of melodic modes. Pansori, Korean Traditional singing

The traditional Korean dress called Hanbok (한복)

Korean Custome

Custom-made of various materials and colors according to the age & occasion. Hanbok are mad of silk brocade or satin for winter and lighter silks for warmer seasons. The out fit is not complete without accessories. Traditional clothing is now usually reserved for special occasions such as weddings, New Year, or a 60th year birthday party. Nowadays, more people are wearing modified hanbok which are lose, comfortable and easy to take care.

Korean National Issues

Korea is developing well culturally & economically, but It has confronted with some difficult iissues. The most difficult problem is the unification of two Korea which is divided into two iidealogically & geographically. South Korea's economy is flurishing with democratic market system; however, North Korea's ruling regime is struggling with it's own political and economical survival. North Korean's starting to flee country against dictatorship crossing China boarder. It created a huge problem between China & North East Asian coutries. In additin to that, North Korean's developing neuclear power to use against UN sanctions. Korean's been having sea boarder conflict with Japan iin centuries. A small island named DOK DO is middle of all the conflict. The Dok Do island is a land of South Korea.

Unification of Korea

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North Korean Neuclear Threat

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Dokdo Island conflict with Japan

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